system "Alexus"


The company Alexus Software, produces the manufacturing resource planning system . Full conformity to MRP-II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system requirements assume system development as a basic, which was proposed by APIC (American Production and Inventory Control Society). The conformity of MRP-II requirements means that the system automates the implementation of all primary business operations of enterprise management, from logistics to selling products, including the process of planning and financial management.

Considerable attention on system development was devoted to questions of reducing the cost and raising the worth of system ownership, without the reduction of functional ability.

Flexibility, scalability and openness are the fundamentals of this system.

The flexibility secures the possibility of adapting the system to enterprises of different fields and different types of productions.

Scalability allows effective use of this system for different enterprises, from small to large.

Openness of this system means the possibility of system development, including the addition of new sub-systems, as well as additional methodical calculations and analysis of production activity.

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